Psalm 139:13-16

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

Grace's Developmental Timeline

March 4, 2011 – Grace was born

March 9, 2011 – Grace had surgery to repair the encephalocele.

May 18, 2011 – 2 months old - Grace had surgery for a VP shunt.

May 2011 – At 2 months old, Grace favored turning her head to the left side, she could not track an object well especially to the right side, she had her hands in a closed fists position most of the time, she couldn’t really hold objects, she had head lag, she didn't have great head control, she rarely put her hands to her mouth, and her leg muscles were tight.  She was approved to receive therapy services through MS Early Intervention Program. 

June 2011 – 3 months old - focusing a little better (not following), grasping objects a little better, improving tummy time skills, started PT at UMC June 13 (working on extension); we were told that the MS Early Intervention Program could not find a therapist to provide services to Grace in our home

July 2011 – 4 months old - talking a lot, better with tummy time, attentive when we read to her, discovering music and her mobile, feeling of our faces and playing with my hair, started rice cereal

August 2011 – 5 months old - opthamology appointment (she can see), started eating stage 1 baby foods

September 2011 – 6 months old - started rolling from back to sides to tummy, sucks her left thumb sometimes, looking and smiling at us, eating stage 2 baby foods

October 2011 – 7 months old - trying to roll from her tummy to her back, trying to sit up, laughing a lot

November 2011 – 8 months old - changed to Therapy Solutions (started OT), can sometimes hold in her paci, rolling all the time, still trying to sit on her own, focusing and even following better, another vision appointment with continued progress

January 2012 – 10 months old - can finally sit on her own unsupported (but is still a little shaky at times), can hold and kind of shake a rattle, started working on getting into a sitting position, doing much better with tummy time, putting her paci back in her mouth on her own, said momma (her first word), shakes her head and kicks her legs and feet, drooling

February 2012 – 11 months old - transitioning to 3 meals a day of baby food (refuses table food, sippy cups, and any liquid other than formula), working on holding objects for longer periods of time, working on holding smaller objects, started working on getting into the crawl position and continuing to work on getting into the sitting position, said dada, loves “Patty Cake,” discovered our dog Maddy, loves her mobile, started watching TV

March 2012 – 12 months old - saw a speech therapist (eating some table foods and taking a little juice and milk), can finally get into a sitting position on her own, started working on crawling (can crawl with assistance), working on grasping and holding smaller objects for longer periods of time, consistently putting her paci back in her mouth on her own, has teeth

April 2012 – 13 months old - continuing to improve with different textures of table foods, working on transitioning from the bottle, taking liquids from the cup edge and from a spoon, let me help her feed herself a puff for the first time, working on using her hands together, reaching for various toys

May 2012 – 14 months old - third opthamology opinion (improved vision, nothing wrong with her eyes, near sighted)

June 2012 – 15 months old - easily eating most table foods, still refusing a sippy cup but will drink from the cup edge, reaching for everything, started working on pulling up, took her first unassisted crawls, loves the game “Ride the Little Horsey,” saying momma semi-consistently, loves bathtime and reading books, loves her toys, found the edge of the bed

July 2012 – 16 months old - started working on getting into the crawl position on her own, started working on pulling objects to herself by pulling the string that is attached to them, still working on taking in liquids at mealtimes

August 2012 – 17 months old – started getting into the crawl position and crawling on her own, continuing to work on pulling up; started working on crawling up and down stairs and crawling over obstacles; started feeding herself puffs

September 2012 - 18 months old - continuing to crawl longer distances; started crawling over obstacles (my legs); now feeding herself things like hamburger, chicken strips, fried okra; becoming more strong willed about what she wants to eat/do; got AFOs; crawling up and down stairs

October 2012 - 19 months old - working on standing with our standing frame; started pulling up to her knees in the bathtub; feeding herself more and more things with different textures; started school at The Little Lighthouse

November 2012 - 20 months old - standing in her standing frame for an hour; getting closer to pulling up (tried to pull up at school); getting stronger with standing/pulling up; "talking" more; almost able to put her rings on her ring stacker by herself; loves reading books; crawling all over our house; learned how to open cabinets and the drawer under the oven; doing better with drinking from a cup edge (will drink up to an ounce at meal times); doing a little better with straw drinking; practicing holding her bottle (with help)

December 2012 - 21 months old - pulling up independently (with encouragement) from sitting position; consistently drinking from a cup edge at meals usually 1/2 ounce-1 ounce; can hold her own bottle with encouragement; saying words like "mama," "dada," "bye bye," and "go"; said "bye bye" in the correct context; also, I think she said "mama" and knew that was my name once; working on pulling up from a crawling position; getting closer to putting rings on her ring stacker; doing better with putting objects in bowl; started trying to get "down" from our laps when she wants to play; opening and closing doors (going into her room and closing the door behind her and playing and squealing when we get home because she loves opening our front door); becoming more and more picky with what she will eat

January 2013 - 22 months old - starting pulling up to her knees and trying to put a foot down on the couch and her activity cube from a crawling position; not hating her straw cup quite as much (drank from a straw for the first time ever at school); got her walker and doing some walking, although she is walking while sitting and won't consistently hold onto the handles; started loving Dora (this will hold her attention longer than anything else on tv); started ST at Therapy Solutions; started wearing an eye patch on her L eye to strengthen her R eye (already seeing improvement); saying "mama" and "bye bye" a lot more and more often in the correct context; putting objects like her jingle bells back in her red bowl

February 2013 - 23 months old - very close to pulling up to standing on her own; almost able to put her rings back on her ring stacker by herself; loving bath time and playing with bath foam with her hands; becoming less sensitive with her mouth; figured out how to play with her see n say toy and how to open the silo on her barn on her own; starting pulling up higher to her knees (starting playing with the blu ray player and VCR); thinks when we stick out our tongues is so funny; loves playing with our eyes and hair; favorite food is goldfish; not crying when she goes to school in the mornings; loves helping us turn off the lights; loves opening the front and bathroom doors; needing her paci less and less

March 2013 - 2 years old - started drinking juice at school; pulled up to standing at the babysitters; "holding on" more when we are holding her; mostly only having her paci when sleeping; sucked on a straw for the first time; started putting new/different things in her mouth; started saying "dada" a little; started giving high fives on command; learned how to clap her hands together; started feeding herself squishy foods (like macaroni and cheese); can identify her belly; "Old Macdonald" is her new favorite song; "helps" me unstop the bathtub drain when I ask her if she is finished with her bath

April 2013 - starting crawling up to me and pulling up to her knees using my legs; loves "flying"; finally started getting the concept of pulling her rattle to herself using the string it's attached to; sticking her tongue out more and more; tolerating her straw cup much better, but still not sucking from the straw; pulled up to standing for the first time (witnessed); investigating the kitchen cabinets and likes to pull out the plastic stuff (we had to child proof them); making a sound when clapping; learned how to throw toys out of the bathtub; trying to mimic more sounds (like quack and ruff and uh oh); more well adjusted overall; likes to "fly"

May 2013 - started putting things back in bowls/containers on her own; got new braces; trying to imitate sounds more and more (ruff, quack, moo, baa, bubbles, bye bye, mama, dada, etc); figured out how to turn toys on in order to play with them (ex her piano); pulled up totally on her own for the first time without me telling her to or helping her at all (pulling up more and more on her own); learned how to take her shoes off on her own; loves to clap all the time; loves anything electronic; pulls her pacis and blankets out of her crib when she's playing in her room; loves "Jesus Loves Me"; will hold anything up to her ear like a phone if you say "Hello, who's there?"; started holding things in both her hands at the same time; throwing things less; sitting in the "w" position less; figuring out her feet more; figured out how to turn her toys from off to on; making louder sounds when clapping; figured out how to take toys from one room to the next by scooting them on the floor; started aquatic therapy; making the "sh" sound; started trying to blow kisses

June 2013 - clapping better and for longer periods of time; started banging on her toys; throwing things to her sides so much less; figured out how to open and close the drain on the bathtub; learned how to drink from a straw finally; started walking without her sling in her walker; banging objects together; started signing "more"; loves "One little, two little, three little Indian"; weaned from bottles; can play her xylophone and drum; enjoying going to the pool; enjoying riding in her wagon

July 2013 - started walking in her walker independently; can correctly identify her second body part (nose); started working on holding her straw cup (she currently dislikes it); started "singing" songs (It's Time, Clean Up, Jesus Loves Me); trying to imitate more and more songs; said the words "cheese" and "puppy"; loving Veggie Tales